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Abelhas e Companhia is a company that works in the field of beekeeping, with exploration, production and sale of beekeeping material as well as consultancy in the same area. Currently based in Póvoa da Isenta, Parish of the Municipality of Santarém.

This arises thinking about the ecological responsibility that Man has in the ecosystem, it is urgent to adopt another type of behavior, so as not to unbalance even more, the complex functioning of the planet.

According to Einstein, "If bees disappear from the face of the earth, humanity will only have four more years of existence. Without bees there is no pollination, there is no reproduction of flora, without reproduction of flora there are no animals, without animals there will be no human race. .”, as such, Abelhas e Companhia makes its contribution to making the world better, trying to make these “4 years” never come!

In addition to this responsibility, Abelhas e Companhia is also engaged in professionalizing the still somewhat underdeveloped beekeeping sector in Portugal, taking advantage of the excellent characteristics to implement the activity in a safe and sustainable way in Portugal.

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